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Water Walker Membership

Are you and your family looking for a fun summer activity?  Love spending time on the water and catching a few rays?  Then the Central Wisconsin Water Ski Show Team might be right up your alley! A family friendly team atmosphere is what makes the Water Walkers unique.


We have had members of all ages; some as young as 3 and others 55+ and they ALL ski in our shows! There are not many organizations where you can join as a family and everyone can participate.  Even if water skiing isn't quite your thing, there are still plenty of ways to get involved!  We can always used help in our concession stand, on the dock, in the boats, and selling tickets.  


Per team rules and bylaws, all components below must be completed prior to participation in your first show.

All members, skiers and volunteers, must fill out membership paperwork (pages 7-10 of this packet). Families can be on the same form but please include all members that will potentially ski or volunteer. Membership packets will be available at any practice, will be provided via email (to be printed or filled out electronically), or can be completed via our online form.


Team dues are required by all skiers (not volunteers). These dues help provide funds to keep us on the water.
Individual Skier: $125
Family (3+ skiers living in same household, children under age 25): $250
Pay to Play Format: each skier pays $10 to participate in a show or water practice (up to the total full dues
amount ($125 for individual or $250 for families)) This option allows flexibility on payments and participation.
Dues will be accepted in person via cash, checks payable to CWWSST, to the team PayPal

This membership is part of the state water ski organization. Having WWSF is a great way to support the sport here in Wisconsin and is a necessity for anyone participating at state, including skiing (individually or with the team) or volunteering.



USA Water Ski is a national governing body of which the Water Walkers are an affiliated club. Membership, which includes insurance, is a Water Walker requirement. This includes all skiers, boat drivers, spotters, dock help, announcers, sound technicians, etc. The Water Walker bylaws dictate that anyone under 16 years of age (as of June 1) must have a guardian with USA Water Ski membership as well. The membership is good for 365 days (from the date you register). You may renew your existing membership prior to expiration and it will renew on the date of expiration (i.e., You will not lose days by renewing early). Your membership must be current in order to participate in any practice or show. Sign up/renew online.

Please contact us if you have any questions about joining the team! 

Guest Member USA Water Ski Registration: 


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